Show Your Uniqueness

Make it something that somebody will read and be really impressed about what you’ve done don’t just scam over it this is not the time where you want to be modest it’s your application in your hand you’re competing against a lot of people that have done amazing things and you don’t want your application to you know have something lacking just because you don’t want to sound you know like you’re bragging this is the time to brag you know don’t be conceited like I’m better than everyone else at my school that’s why I should go to this college but do explain you know why what you’ve done so important. Learn more about that on Edusson.

And all the things that you’ve done in great detail they want to know also within this implications – lets go say it is how will what you learned or what you read and up or whatever impact your life in college how will being class vice president and leading the National Honor Society whatever team affect you for college how has it trained you to be an effective student how has it given you tools what tools has a given you to use in college you know how was volunteering internationally or at a underserved neighborhood.

I’m going to help you when you go to college and show that you have big dreams most people have big dreams most people don’t just say oh yeah when a girl go and have a 95 job and a car you know so a show that you’re that unique person through explaining how what you learned is going to help you invest in college so now that those steps are done with I’m going to give you some other information that’s probably going to be real helpful because I know that it definitely helped me when I learned about it so the first tip which I think is the most important is be real be you don’t be stuffy and businessí just be yourself and show your best self and show your uniqueness what makes you you you know and I know it’s a little corny and I’m actually going to talk about that later.

But just show your unique and how you would actually make a difference in the campus of the University where you’re going um that being said just because you’re being you when you’re being unique in yourself doesn’t mean you and not stuffy that you can get away with not being professional do not use texting slang do not use like just you know you want to make it easy to read and fun to read but if you’re between like being really fun and maybe coming across as like someone was not serious and being a little bit more serious but at the same time conversational go with a little bit more serious and that seems on conversational because these people yes there may be bored reading so many statement essays but at the same time they read one that seems like you’re all you like to do is just kind of hang out and go to football games then it might sound really fun.