Shape Of Story In Essay

Tell a story you know so kind of what happened beat by beat and kind of put us into there we kind of see that in some of the literacy narratives thinking especially about the second literacy narrative se habla espanol we kind of hear a conversation between the protagonist of the main character this person talking with someone who’s going to be teaching her Spanish even though she feels shame about not knowing Spanish she kind of gives us some back and forth with this person and kind of showing us what happened so that that kind of helps significance now this is something that you really want to pay attention to really think about before you even start writing your essay and maybe even if you can’t think of the significance right away.

Maybe even after you write your first draft maybe you’re finding your significance so again that’s something that you know writing is also a process of discovery trying to figure out you know something about ourselves so maybe the significance comes later after you so what do you want the reader to walk away you know from the story with what do you want them to get a sense of because we read literature and we read these different essays to to learn something about other people but also about ourselves so kind of what do you what do you kind of want people to get out of this story knowing more about kind of you know thinking about that can help you shape and write your essay so when we’re thinking about organizing the literacy narrative there are many different ways we can do this and here’s a little graph taking from our book that kind of shows shows different ways that you can try do it you can do it chronologically beginning to end and you can see here the different ways you know that you can do it introducing the story describing the setting and people tell what happened say how the store was resolved and they said then say something about the significance now you can do that and sometimes that’s exactly what you want to do.

But sometimes you might want to do something a little different to kind of make it more interesting and engaging because some of the best some of the best essays are told in a different way so you can begin in the middle you can begin at the end and all sorts of different variations of that thinking about where you want to start maybe you maybe you want to start at the end like I had a student who started her story about I couldn’t believe you know this was the day I was graduating you know I was getting my GED I hadn’t been in school and so long and I finally you know took the test and I and I got my GED and from that point we then learned more throughout the story as a progressed so kind of started at the end and then told us a story about you know why she had to take her GED why she didn’t graduate from high school and those sort of things and through that we kind of heard a really interesting story because it was told like.