Essay Writing: Developing Analysis.

Evidence alone does not make an argument for you. Imagine this for a moment. You meet your friend and the conversation goes as follows:
You: “Hello Stan, how’s life?”
Friend: “Hi, life is fine, but my mother won’t let me study Art in university!”
You: “Oh really? But maybe she just wants to be sure you have a good future.”
Friend: “I don’t think parents should determine the future of their children.”                              THESIS
You: “OK, but don’t you think that maybe she knows best?”
Friend: “It does not matter, freedom is a basic human right.”                                                                REASONING     
You: “yeah, and?”
Friend: “Many people lost their lives fighting for freedom in the American civil war.”         EVIDENCE

How would you respond? What are they trying to show you? Are all your friend’s statements clearly connected?
In this situation. Your friend has given evidence but not shown how this evidence relates to “human rights” or“parents determining the future of their children”