Essay Writing: The Basics of Evidence. Part 2

Evidence: Sources.
Sources of evidence also follow a hierarchy. Some sources of evidence are viewed as more reliable and more suitable for use in academic writing than others. The more credible or reliable the source is, the more it can contribute to your argument. Therefore it is best to try to use sources that are higher up the ranking. Except for very rare occasions (such as a paper on social media platforms, or an evaluation of song lyrics) once you leave high school it is best to avoid using any source with a lower credibility ranking than 7: Documentaries for evidence to present in your written work.

Evidence: Presentation.
How you present your evidence, is equally as important as where you obtain it from. For instance, you may use a rank 1 source to gather incredible evidence that can support your argument with great power, but it will have a greatly reduced affect (or a negative affect) if present inappropriately. In order to effectively present your evidence, the following academic practices should (or must) be followed: