Different Website Terms Explained

In terms of your website, perhaps you might think about learning another language just to communicate about what your desires and needs. You have to know what do you want your site to look like. However, you should also learn about the technical stuff behind your website. Listed below are a few technical terms that you will probably encounter as you discuss with your web developer/designer: 

CTA (Call to Action) 

This refers to an image, a banner, form, or text on an email or webpage that asks visitors to take an action—buy a product, join an email list, read more content, and more. CTA is a great marketing tool that can assist you to gather details about your visitors, users, and prospective consumers. Plus, you can use this to send them promotional materials as well or even more.? 


This is a kind of logo where the company’s name is aesthetically designed. Think of the brands like FedEx, CNN, Disney, Ikea, Google, etc.? 

Brand identity? 

Brand identity design?is a unique appearance that’s linked with a company. Once a brand identity works well, you’ll more likely recognize the brand even when you have not seen the logo. For instance, when we see a red plastic bottle with a certain silhouette and a white background on it, the first thing that pops into our mind would be CocaCola. 


Hosting is the housing business that helps to maintain and serve files for one or more sites. To put it simply, imagine that a website is a house. All houses comprise 2 related parts: a piece of land where the property sits and the address. This is how websites work as well. In this metaphor, your house would be your website’s domain, and your house address and the land where you build your home is more likely web hosting.? 

There are lots of Internet providers today that provide free space for subscribers for a small site that’s hosted by one of their computers.? 


Domain refers to the name that you choose for your site. For instance, if your website link is www.websitedomain.com, your domain name would be website domain. You can opt for various extensions such as .org, .net, .com, or more. Usually, domain names range from almost 10 dollars based on the extension you use. Domain names can be bought anywhere. However, it’s convenient to purchase the hosting and domain from a similar provider.? 


CMS is an abbreviation for Content Management System, which is an app that backs up the modification and creating of digital content—a website, for instance. Nowadays, the most widely used CMS is WordPress. In fact, virtually 1/3 of the entire websites in the world are created in WordPress. It’s easy to install WordPress now that you can do it within minutes. Plus, it’s free for all.? 

If you want to achieve a successful website, it’s best to know these terms first so that you can easily communicate with your web designer.?